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Once a month I plan to put a new image here that you may download. The image will be re-sized in the most common display resolutions.

December 2017:

Tioga Lake is located near the Eastern entrance of Yosemite National Park. The ice has started to form around the edges of this beautiful lake where I like to canoe in summer.


1920 X1080: Tioga_Lake_Scenery_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Tioga_Lake_Scenery_1680.jpg

1024 X 0768: Tioga_Lake_Scenery_1024.jpg

November 2017:

By early November most of the leaves have fallen in Wisconsin, oak leaves being the last to fall. The University of Wisconsin in Madison has a beautiful arboretum, where this photograph was taken a couple of years ago.


1920 X 1080: Trees_in_Fall_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Trees_in_Fall_1680.jpg

1024 X 768: Trees_in_Fall_1024.jpg

October 2017:

The beaver ponds behind Lundy Lake in the Eastern Sierra offer spectacular scenery in spring and fall. Wildflowers cover the ground in springtime and golden leaves cover the aspens in fall, as shown in this photo.


1920 X 1080 Beaver_Dam_Pond_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Beaver_Dam_Pond_1680.jpg

1024 X 768   Beaver_Dam_Pond_1024A.jpg

September 2017:

These giants were found in Redwood National Park in northern California. It's hard to capture the immense size of these trees in a photograph.


1920 X 1080: Sequoia_Trunks_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Sequoia_Trunks_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:  Sequoia_Trunks_1024.jpg

August 2017:

The red hills in this photograph are near Grand Teton National Park. The colors remind me of summer.


1920 X 1080: Red_Hills_Scenery_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Red_Hills_Scenery_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:  Red_Hills_Scenery_1024.jpg

July 2017:

The Big Sur area of California is one of the most beautiful coastlines in California. Highway 1 runs along this coastline, and is subject to closure at times due to mudslides. I call this photo Big Sur inlet.


1920 X 1080: Big_Sur_Inlet_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Big_Sur_Inlet_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Big_Sur_Inlet_1024.jpg

June 2017:

Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra is seldom calm, especially in the afternoons. This photograph was taken around 4PM and the lake was glassy smooth, offering beautiful reflections of the tufa formations. I really liked the reflections of tufas in other reflections from the distant shore.


1920 X 1080: Tufa_Reflections_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Tufa_Reflections_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Tufa_Reflections_1024.jpg

May 2017:

The "superbloom" in 2017 brought beautiful wildflowers to Mission Trails Regional Park in San Diego. This photogaph was taken recently near the trailhead to the Grasslands trail.


1920 X 1080: Mission_Trails_Grasslands_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Mission_Trails_Grasslands_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Mission_Trails_Grasslands_1024.jpg

April 2017:

The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California had a "superbloom" in March of 2017 due to above normal rainfall in preceding months. The Sand Verbena and Spectacle Pod plants were blooming in Henderson Canyon when this photo was taken.


1920 X 1080: HEN_Verbena_and_Spectacle_Pod_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: HEN_Verbena_and_Spectacle_Pod_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   HEN_Verbena_and_Spectacle_Pod_1024.jpg

March 2017:

Yellowstone National Park is beautiful any time of year, but winter has its special attraction. This photograph of Old Faithful gives one the feeling of icy cold. A Mountain Bluebird watches the geyser eruption along with the rest of us (tiny bird near the lower edge, center).


1920 X 1080: Old_Faithful1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Old_Faithful1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Old_Faithful_1024.jpg

February 2017:

This image of Mt. Tom was taken near Bishop, CA, on January 1st of this year. The foreground captured my attention with the high Sierra mountain in the background.


1920 X 1080: Mt_Tom_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Mt_Tom_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Mt_Tom_1024.jpg

January 2017:

As you have probably gathered by my photos over the years, one of my favorite places to photograph nature is Yosemite National Park. This photo was taken in Yosemite Valley, where the Merced River partially freezes over in winter.


1920 X 1080: Winter_Wonderland_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Winter_Wonderland_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Winter_Wonderland_1024.jpg

December 2016:

The sun was about to set over the badlands in Joshua Tree National Park when this photo was taken one late November afternoon. The location was Keys View.


1920 X 1080: Keys_View_Sunrays_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Keys_View_Sunrays_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Keys_View_Sunrays_1024.jpg

November 2016:

Wisconsin farmland under a cloudy autumn sky is the subject of this month's photograph. The corn is ready to harvest as autumn draws to a close.


1920 X 1080: Under_a_Wisconsin_Sky_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Under_a_Wisconsin_Sky_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:  Under_a_Wisconsin_Sky_1024.jpg

October 2016:

The glowing aspens in this image were found along Lee Vining Creek in the Eastern Sierra. It should look like this in late September or early October each year.


1920 X 1080: Glowing_Aspens_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Glowing_Aspens_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Glowing_Aspens_1024.jpg

September 2016:

Heart Lake is located in Little Lakes Valley in the Eastern Sierra. The trailhead is at 10,000 feet, and the trail passes several alpine lakes. One has to start early in the morning to see mirror-like reflections of the mountains in the lakes.


1920 X 1080: Heart_Lake_Reflection_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Heart_Lake_Reflection_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Heart_Lake_Reflection_1024.jpg

August 2016:

The attached photograph was taken in Yosemite National Park a few days ago. It shows a cascade of the Tuolumne River with Unicorn and Cockscomb Peaks in the background. It was taken along the Pacific Crest Trail in the Eastern Sierra.


1920 X 1080: Tuolumne_Cascade_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Tuolumne_Cascade_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Tuolumne_Cascade_1024.jpg

July 2016:

A reflection of Mt. Ruddle in Vermillion Lake is the subject in this month's photograph. Both are located in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.


1920 X 1080: Mountain_Lake_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Mountain_Lake_1680.jpg

1024 X 768: Mountain_Lake_1024.jpg

June 2016:

Lundy Lake is located in the Eastern Sierra. A dirt road from the lake leads to several beaver ponds, one of which is pictured in this month's photograph.


1920 X 1080: Lundy_Beaver_Pond_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Lundy_Beaver_Pond_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Lundy_Beaver_Pond_1024.jpg

May 2016:

May is a favorite month in Yosemite National Park because the beautiful Dogwoods are in bloom. This photo was taken there in May of 2015, with the Merced River as a background.


1920 X 1080: Dogwoods_by_Merced_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Dogwoods_by_Merced_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:  Dogwoods_by_Merced_1024.jpg

April 2016:

Anza Borrego State Park comes to life with wildflowers in March and April. This photograph was taken in Palm Canyon when the Brittlebush was at its peak bloom and Bighorn Sheep were feasting. Palm Canyon is near Borrego Springs, CA.


1920 X 1080: Palm_Canyon_Trail_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Palm_Canyon_Trail_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:  Palm_Canyon_Trail_1024.jpg

March 2016:

Oxbow Bend is one of the most photographed spots in Grand Teton National Park. In this image, snow still covers Mount Moran and the trees are bare, awaiting spring.


1920 X 1080: Oxbow_Bend_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Oxbow_Bend_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Oxbow_Bend_1024.jpg

February 2016:

Blue Mesa is found in Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. The colorful layers and petrified wood chunks in the foreground caught my eye when I was on the Blue Mesa trail last December.


1920 X 1080: Blue_Mesa_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Blue_Mesa_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:   Blue_Mesa_1024.jpg

January 2016:

Canyon de Chelly is a national monument in northeastern Arizona. It is on a Navajo reservation, and contains numerous ancient ruins, petroglyphs and pictographs. Spider Rock is one of the most famous formations in the canyon.


1920 X 1080  Spider_Rock_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050  Spider_Rock_1680.jpg

1024 X 768   Spider_Rock_1024.jpg

December 2015:

My wife and I both think we took this month's photograph of Yosemite Valley in the fog in winter. We were handing a camera back and forth that morning, hence the confusion. Regardless, it's one of my favorites.


1920 X 1080 Yosemite_Winter_Scene1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Yosemite_Winter_Scene1680.jpg

1024 X 768   Yosemite_Winter_Scene1024.jpg

November 2015:

Early snow and late aspen color make a nice contrast. Photo taken in the Eastern Sierra along Hy 395 at Conway Summit.


1920 X 1080 Conway_Summit_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Conway_Summit_1680.jpg

1025 X 768  Conway_Summit_1024.jpg

October 2015:

There are picturesque beaver ponds on the road to Lundy Canyon in the Eastern Sierra. This photograph was taken at one of those ponds during October a few year's ago.


1920 X 1080 Lundy_Beaver_Dam_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Lundy_Beaver_Dam_1680.jpg

1024 X 768   Lundy_Beaver_Dam_1024.jpg

September 2015:

Parker Lake Trailhead can be reached from the June Lake Loop in the Eastern Sierra. A relatively easy hike leads to this beautiful lake. Rivulets of snow melt  were still cascading down the mountainside into the lake in late July.


1920 X 1080 Parker_Lake_Reflections_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Parker_Lake_Reflections_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Parker_Lake_Reflections_1024.jpg

August 2015:

Despite its name, Convict Lake offers wonderful hiking, fishing and canoeing opportunities. It is located north of Crowley Lake in the Eastern Sierra. Laurel and Bloody Mountains offer a colorful backdrop for the beautiful lake.


1920 X 1080 Convict_Lake_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Convict_Lake_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Convict_Lake_1024.jpg

July 2015:

The beaches in Maui are beautiful any time of year. The beach in the photograph is Mokapu Beach, great for snorkeling and sunbathing.


1920 X 1080: Mokapu_Beach_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050: Mokapu_Beach_1680.jpg

1024 X 768:  Mokapu_Beach_1024.jpg

June 2015:

The first view many visitors receive of Yosemite Valley occurs immediately after going through a tunnel, hence the name "tunnel view." It shows many of the famous landmarks including El Capitan on the left, Cathedral Rocks with Bridalveil Fall on the right, and Half Dome in the distant center.


1920 X 1080 Yosemites_Tunnel_View_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Yosemites_Tunnel_View_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Yosemites_Tunnel_View_1024.jpg


May 2015:

Oxbow  Bend in Grand Teton National Park has always been one of my favorite spots. It's especially alluring in the early morning, when the first rays of the sun paint warm tones on Mt. Moran.


1920 X 1080 Oxbow_Bend_Morning_1920.jpg

1680 x 1050 Oxbow_Bend_Morning_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Oxbow_Bend_Morning_1024.jpg

April 2015:

The arches and windows in Arches National Park are breathtaking, especially against a cloudy blue sky. This month's image of Double Arch was taken there recently.


1920 X 1080 Double_Arch_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Double_Arch_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Double_Arch_1024.jpg

March 2015:

Bryce Canyon National Park is sublime in Winter. The formations shown in this photograph stand out against the white snow and bluish sky.


1920 X 1080 Bryce_Canyon_Formations_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Bryce_Canyon_Formations_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Bryce_Canyon_Formations_1024.jpg

February 2015:

Back to Yosemite for this month's image of El Capitan reflected in the Merced River. The hoarfrost mounds and lilies were a special treat.


1920 X 1080  Reflection_of_El_Capitan_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Reflection_of_El_Capitan_1680.jpg

1024 X 768   Reflection_of_El_Capitan_1024.jpg


January 2015:

Although this isn't a snowy scene, the photograph was taken at Arches National Park in late December. It was processed as an HDR image.


1920 X 1080 Arches_Scenery_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Arches_Scenery_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Arches_Scenery_1024.jpg

December 2014:

This month's image was photographed in Yosemite National Park. It shows a reflection of Half Dome in the Merced River on a cold winter afternoon.


1920 X 1080 Half_Dome_Reflection_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Half_Dome_Reflection_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Half_Dome_Reflection_1024.jpg

November 2014:

By November in Wisconsin most of the colorful leaves have fallen, but oaks still retain them. This photograph was taken near Cross Plains.


1920 X 1080 Oak Woodlands in Wisconsin_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Oak Woodlands in_Wisconsin_1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Oak Woodlands in Wisconsin_1024.jpg

October 2014:

Fall is a beautiful time in the Eastern Sierra. This photograph was taken along Lower Rock Creek, near Crowley Lake.


1920 X 1080 Aspens-in-Fall-1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Aspens-in-Fall-1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Aspens_in_Fall_1024.jpg

September 2014:

This month's photograph was taken in Little Lakes Valley in the Eastern Sierra. The trail through this valley passes several lakes, including Heart Lake, the one pictured. It's over 10,000 feet in elevation.


1920 X 1080 Heart-Lake-Scenery-1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Heart-Lake-Scenery-1680.jpg

1024 X 768   Heart-Lake-Scenery-1024.jpg

August 2014:

Warm sunlight reflects off the tufas in this late afternoon photograph taken at Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra. This is a favorite place for canoeing, watching sunsets and bird-watching.


1920 X 1080 Mono_Tufas_1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Mono_Tufas_1680.jpg

1024 X 768 Mono_Tufas_1024.jpg

July 2014:

This month's photograph was taken in Haleakala National Park, which is located on the island of Maui. It is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph of Haleakala Crater. The clouds were about to enter and cover the crater.


1920 X 1080 Haleakala-Crater-HDR-1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Haleakala-Crater-HDR-1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Haleakala-Crater-HDR-1024.jpg

June 2014:

This month's photograph was taken on the Big Island, Hawaii, in May. The name of the beautiful falls is Umauma Falls.


1920 X 1080 Umauma-Falls-1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Umauma-Falls-1680.jpg

1024 X 768 Umauma-Falls-1024.jpg

May 2014: This month's photograph was taken in Yellowstone National Park in late May. Lower Yellowstone Falls is unfrozen and has a rainbow.Lower-Yellowstone-Falls-Thumbnail.jpg

1920 X 1080 Lower-Yellowstone-Falls-1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Lower-Yellowstone-Falls-1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Lower-Yellowstone-Falls-1024.jpg

April 2014:

This month's photograph was taken in the Merced River Valley near Yosemite National Park. The California Poppies and other wildflowers were in full bloom in April.California_Poppies_0284Thumbnail.jpg

1920X1080 California-Poppies-02841920.jpg

1680X1050 California-Poppies-02841680.jpg

1024X768 California-Poppies-02841024.jpg

March 2014:

This month's photograph was taken near the Eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park; I call it Sierra Reflections, and it shows Dana Meadow with Mammoth Mountain in the background.


1920X1080  Y_Sierra_Reflections_1920.jpg

1680X1050 Y_Sierra_Reflections_1680.jpg

1024X768 Y_Sierra_Reflections_1024.jpg

February 2014:

The photo for this month was taken from the Navajo Trail that descends into Bryce Canyon. The snow was clinging to the tops of the hodoos in this winter scene.



1920 X 1080 Bryce-Canyon-in-Winter-1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Bryce-Canyon-in-Winter-1680.jpg

1024 X 768 Bryce-Canyon-in-Winter-1024.jpg

January 2014:

The image for this month was taken in Yosemite National Park in December of 2013. Hoarfrost covered the rocks and branches with beautiful sculptured effects as El Capitan is reflected in the Merced River.


1920X1080 Valley-View-in-Yosemite-1920E.jpg

1680X1050 Valley-View-in-Yosemite-1680E.jpg

1024X768  Valley-View-in-Yosemite-1024E.jpg

December 2013:

The image for this month shows a leafless treescape against a threatening sky. It was taken in Mission Trails Regional Park, near my home in San Diego.


1920 X 1080 Winter-Treescape-1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Winter-Treescape-1680.jpg

1024 X 768 Winter-Treescape-1024.jpg


November 2013:

This month's image was taken in the Eastern Sierra along Lee Vining Creek. The glowing trees are aspens.


1920X1080 Lee Vining Creek in Fall 1920.jpg

1680X1050 Lee Vining Creek in Fall 1680.jpg

1024X768  Lee Vining Creek in Fall 1024.jpg

October 2013:

This month's image was taken in McGee Creek Canyon in the Eastern Sierras as the aspens began to change color, beginning at the higher elevations and moving to the lower elevations.



1920 X1080 Fall Colors in McGee Creek Canyon 1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Fall Colors in McGee Creek Canyon 1680.jpg

1024 X 768 Fall Colors in McGee Creek Canyon 1024.jpg

September 2013:

This image was taken late afternoon on the way to Mono Lake, California.


1920 X 1080 Warm Field near Mono Lake 1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Warm Field near Mono Lake 1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Warm Field near Mono Lake 1024.jpg

August 2013:

This month I'm featuring a photograph of Whatcom Falls, taken near Bellingham, Washington.



1920 X 1080 Whatcom Falls 1920.jpg

1680 X 1050 Whatcom Falls 1680.jpg

1024 X 768  Whatcom Falls 1024.jpg